Visual Album, 2010, 6hrs
Video Artist/Curator

Every traveller starts out on foot, and this journey is no exception. Starting out on a night stroll through the city, the viewer is taken on a tour of imaginary landscapes that depict physical as well as ethereal locale. These destinations give an impression of the past, the present, the pagan and the dystopic. In the spirit of Nuit Blanche, the videos in this compilation celebrate ritual, community, dance, and all of the ecstatic attempts to create something eternal and mark the passage of time.

Drone Fields is an exploration of the abstract within nature. The videos in this collaboration take images from our natural environment and process/reinterpret/manipulate them into abstraction and dream imagery. The artists take recognizable images from our surroundings, extract loops and patterns, emphasizing the more emotive essence of colour and texture in the same way that samples of sound become less tangible when put in the hands of Aidan Baker.

Music by Nadja & Aidan Baker
Video Curation by Naomi Hocura

Video by
Aidan Baker & Leah Buckareff, Keith Urquhart, Naomi Hocura, Winston Hacking, General Chaos Visuals, Victoria Cheong & Allison Peacock, Jeff Garcia, Brandon Hocura, Iris Fraser-Gudrunas, Brian Joseph Davis, Tess Girard, Ataxia Films, Tasman Richardson, Rebecca McClellan & Jakob Thiesen

Released as a DVD box set by Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2010
Exhibited as an installation at Pleasure Dome Toronto New Works showcase, March 2010

View a 4 min excerpt at the top right.