Short Documentary, 2017, 6 min

Canadian artist Beverly Glenn-Copeland returns to the environment where he recorded Keyboard Fantasies and reflects on how the wilderness influenced his sound and psyche at the time. The album was recorded in 1986 while he was living near Huntsville (3 hours north of Toronto), and only a handful of the self-released cassettes were sold back then. Now in his seventies, Glenn’s music is being rediscovered by a new generation through a vinyl reissue on Séance Centre.


Directed by Brandon Hocura
Shot & Edited by Naomi Hocura
Colour by Angelina Friskney

Music by Beverly Glenn-Copeland Keyboard Fantasies, 1986 & 2017
“Winter Astral”, “Ever New”, “Old Melody”, “Sunset Village” “Time of Tears”

Poem by Beverly Glenn-Copeland
Shot on location in Huntsville, Ontario.