Naomi Hocura is the director/producer/writer and creative force behind Mad in Pursuit Productions, a production company that creates compelling arts and culture documentaries and bespoke client videos. 

Naomi is a storyteller. She has melded her background in creative writing, film studies, her extensive travels, and experience as a photography/commercial producer, into a track toward one thing: documentary filmmaking. Her first short film, Tiny Tracks, premiered at the 2016 Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival. Naomi is now in production on a documentary film called In Good Hands, a prismatic exploration of gender and the meaning of good work.

In the past, she has worked in experimental video, creating projections for DJ events (Caribou, Four Tet, and Invisible City). In 2010 she curated a 6hr visual album for Nadja/Aidan Baker, called White Nights/Drones Fields. Naomi also co-founded ANGURA!, a Japanese experimental art/film collective, programming screenings/exhibitions in Toronto, Winnipeg and Montreal.

In 2012, in collaboration with Christina Sealey, Naomi founded In The Loop: Electronic Music Workshops for Women, holding workshops for young women in Hamilton and Toronto.

Naomi creates films under her production company, Mad in Pursuit Productions. She lives in a converted church in rural Ontario, Canada with her husband and her two daughters.